SBE mechanical division undertakes packages for PAPER INDUSTRY
Erection And Commissioning Of Paper Mills,
We are doing erection and commissioning of all type paper mills with all capacities on turnkey basis. (KRAFT PAPER, DUPLEX BOARD, NEWS PRINT ETC.,) which includes SBE will be doing erection of entire pulp mill from the pulper with conveyors and all accessories like pumps ,refineries , turbo , centric cleaners, etc;. Also we will be erecting all other equipment like De- INKING PLANT,HOT DISPERSERS and their pipe lines. We will be doing all piping work in the paper industry like the stock preparation ,water lines , etc ( all S.S , M.S , and G.I PIPE LINES) Erection Of Paper Machinery :
SBE will be doing erection of entire PAPER MACHINERY
  • Single Wire , Twin Wire, And Muti Wire System
  • R F Vat / Formers / Short Formers
  • Press Sections
  • Dryers
  • M,G. Section – Up To 16 Feet
  • Calenders
  • Size Press Section
  • Pope Rell
  • Rewinders
  • Duplex Cutters
also we will be doing all dismantling of old machinery, overhauling and erection.


SBE will be doing all Civil Related Fabrication Works
  • Building - Pre Fabricated Columns
  • All Truss Fabrication And Erection
  • All Roofing Works
  • All Painting Jobs.
We offer industrial fabrications service as per your Drawings/specifications for a host of components, equipments and machines used in various industries as per the drawings provided by the clients. Our adept technicians with the help of engineers deliver tailor-made products in conformation with the designs made available by the clients. We have done fabrication works for a large number of clients across the industries over the years.


SBE will be doing all below Electical related works
  • Fabrication Of All Pneumatic And Hydraulic Panels
  • Fabrication And Erection Of Cental Oil Lubricationg Systems
  • Erection Ofd.G. Sets
  • Pcc & Mcc Panel Erection & Wiring
  • Erection Of All Types Of Transformers
  • Erection Of Motors
  • Fabrication Of Control Panels & Junction Boxes
  • Fabrication And Erection Of Cable Trays
  • Cable Laying, Dressing & Tagging, Glanding & Termination, Earthing
  • Installation Of Dcs Panels & Junction Boxes
  • Installation Of Field & Online Instruments
  • Installation Of Qcs & Ups System
  • Fabrication & Erection Of Control Cable Trays
  • Laying, Glanding, Termination Of Control Cables
  • Overhauling Of Old Cv & Other Instruments